How to Be the Best Talker (Without Talking Too Much!)

Ever feel like some people can chat with anyone, while you struggle to keep a conversation going? 

Don’t worry, it’s a skill anyone can learn! The secret? Being genuinely interested in others!

Think about it … Wouldn’t you rather talk to someone who wants to hear about your day, than someone who only talks about themselves? 

Author Frank Crane said it best: “The key to being a good conversationalist is probably a genuine unselfish interest in others. That, and practice”.

So, how do you show you care? Here are three tips:

  • Ask questions! What do you like to do for fun? Where are you from? People love to talk about themselves, so give them a chance!
  • Listen carefully! Don’t just wait for your turn to speak. Pay attention and show you’re interested in what the other person has to say.
  • Be curious! Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions. It shows you’re engaged and want to learn more.

Conversation is a two-way street! By being a good listener and showing a genuine interest in others, you’ll be a conversation champ in no time!

P.S.: Practice makes progress! Talk to different people, ask questions—and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’ll get better with every conversation!

Now go out there and chat away.


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