How to Transform Painful Experiences?

You’ve probably heard of the positive impact of keeping a diary or journal, but have you heard of keeping a miracle diary?

The concept was quite new to me, until I received  The Life Coach Toolman’s post the other day.

Harley M. Storey, The Life Coach Toolman, recommends that we start a miracle diary, where we can record positive events and happy coincidences, but also painful and difficult experiences.

It’s just one of Harley’s 101 Tools Life Coaches Use®. Interested? Take a look at The Miracle Diary Tool® here—and see if it can help you transform painful experiences and the way you see yourself in the world.

So much has been written about keeping a journal or diary. Do you keep one?



  1. Hi Christine,
    nice idea that miracle diary tool, thank you! I‘ll try to write one. I have to become a more hard working writer to do so.
    With many Pre Christmas Greatings
    (possible ?)


    • Lovely to hear that you are going to give it a try, Gabi.
      We can’t translate “vorweihnachtliche Grüße”. So perhaps you could say, “Seasons Greetings” or just “Do enjoy the time before Christmas”.


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