How To Translate Dingsbums

Would you know how to translate the German word “Dingsbums” without looking into a dictionary?

You know those objects whose names you have forgotten or don’t know even?

    Of course, we have other words in German. Like Dings, Dingsda, Dingens or Dingskirchen.

    We have several words in English, too. 

    Here are some of them

    • thingamajig or thingumajig
    • thingamabob
    • thingy or thingie
    • whatchamacallit
    • whatsamacallit
    • whatsitcalled
    • whatsit
    • whatnot
    • doodah

    And here’s an example sentence

    I’ll have to go to the shop and buy a new thingamajig. This one is broken beyond repair.

    So do you have a favourite word?


    1. I like the translation for Dingsbums much 🙂 I never thought about it. My favourite word in German is Pillepalle and puppig.
      Thank you so much for the newsletter-Inspiration.

      • I’m pleased you like the translations and inspiration, Eva. I know the German word Pillepalle (and I like it), but puppig is quite new to me. We live and learn!

    2. What complicated words you have … I like it plain and simple: whatsit(called).
      Thanks for sharing!

      • “Whatsit(called)” is great, Nicole. I normally like simple words, too. But the others just roll off your tongue. Have you said them out loud?


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