How Was Your Christmas Break?

You’ve probably been wishing people a happy new year.

Perhaps you’ve also been asking, “How was your Christmas break?”—and been receiving general answers. Something like, “Oh it was good, thank you. And yours?”

Such undemanding questions—questions that are easy to answer and don’t require much thought or effort—get simple answers. 

You might like to delve a little deeper.


  • What was the most memorable part of your holiday season?
  • Did you get a chance to try any new holiday traditions or activities?
  • How did you relax and recharge during the break?

Questions like these can encourage others to think more deeply or widely about a topic, and to consider their own beliefs and perspectives.

Which question would you ask?


undemanding – anspruchslos
to delve deeper into  = tiefer eintauchen, vertiefen


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