Is Locking Ourselves Away The Answer?

We’ve spoken about procastination before, and how difficult it is to stay focused.

So what is the answer?

Look what Victor Hugo did.

Hugo promised his publisher a new book in 1829. However, he spent a year doing other things.

Frustrated, Hugo’s publisher set him a six-month deadline, demanding that the book be finished by February 1831.

And Hugo came up with a strange plan. He asked his assistant to lock up all his clothes,  leaving him with nothing but a shawl.

Unable to leave his study, Hugo  wrote nonstop for several months. His novel, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” was published five months later, two weeks before the deadline.

It wasn’t a such bad idea, was it? 😉

(Story about Victor Hugo via: James Clear)



  1. „Nothing but a shawl…“ Hugo should have had an eye on the weather forecast, or at least on the months of the year, for he certainly knew about temperatures in winter. He might have had cold fingers…

    • It’s a good point, Ulli. I have no idea how his room was heated. It’s a long time ago! 😉


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