Language Learning Is Like a Puzzle

When I was young, I remember spending hours huddled around the kitchen table with my father, working on jigsaw puzzles. 

At first, we would carefully sort through the pieces and separate them by colour and shape.

We would start with the edges to build the frame. And then we would work our way in, trying to find the pieces that fit together.

With patience, persistence and skill, we would eventually complete the puzzle and admire the beautiful image that we had created.

Isn’t learning a language a lot like working on a puzzle?

It feels a little overwhelming in the beginning.

But with each new word or grammar point we learn, we move closer to understanding the bigger picture. 

And if we seriously want to improve, there are two things I feel are crucial:

  1. Whatever we choose to do, it must be enjoyable. If not, we’re more likely to become frustrated and give up.
  2. We need to practise regularly. Consistency is key.

As a regular reader of my Sparks, you are already doing something consistently.

Congratulations. embarassed


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