Mastering a Foreign Language: It All Boils Down to One Thing—Confidence.

Ever felt a bit nervous speaking in a different language?

Imagine asking for a “baguette s’il vous plaît” in a Paris bakery. Sounds okay, right? But what if the shop assistant responds?

Learning languages is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes, it feels great. And sometimes … well, more like an embarrassing moment on ‘Germany’s Next Top Talent.’

The key is to be confident. Believe in yourself and don’t worry too much about mistakes.

Remember Günther Oettinger, the former German EU Budget Commissioner? His English was far from perfect, but he didn’t let that stop him.

Check out this video:

People sometimes made fun of him, but he didn’t give up. He showed us that it’s okay to speak even if it’s not perfect.

English is constantly changing. New words are added to dictionaries every year. And old words fall out of use.

So, if you think your English isn’t perfect, don’t worry. Just relax and remember Günther Oettinger.


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