Mastering the Art of Clear Email Communication 

Say goodbye to email-ese! Banish the jargon and write like a human again!

Here’s how:

Simplify your words:

  • Ditch “in order to,” say “to.”
  • Skip “basic fundamentals,” use “fundamentals” or “basics.”
  • Replace “in connection with” with “for” or “about.”
  • Instead of “in view of the fact that,” say “as” or “because.”
  • Ditch “repeat again,” just say “repeat” or rephrase.
  • Replace “in the near future” with “soon” or a timeframe.
  • Use “immediately” instead of “without further delay.”

Ditch the jargon, use simple terms:

  • Use “be creative” or “consider new ideas” instead of “thinking outside the box.”
  • Say “go forth” or “continue”, and avoid “moving forward.”
  • Use “encourage” for a more personal touch instead of “incentivize.”
  • Say “major change” or “new approach” instead of “paradigm shift.”
  • Use “connect” or “follow up”, ditch “touch base.”
  • Use “lessons” or “insights” instead of “learnings.”

Acronyms? Know your audience:

Before you use acronyms (FYA, ASAP, IMHO, ROI, FYI, BTW), ask yourself, “Are they necessary? Do my readers know them?” But always spell them out the first time you use them—just in case!

So now you can start writing awesome emails. 

Good luck!


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