Save Time and Write Better With Grammarly’s Browser Extension

Are you tired of scouring your writing for hours, only to discover pesky errors that slipped through the cracks?

Don’t worry,  Grammarly is your new writing pal.

This handy-dandy browser extension is like having your own personal writing coach, giving you real-time edits and suggestions for your emails, social media posts and more.

As you type away, Grammarly works its magic, keeping an eagle-eyed watch on your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

It even provides real-time suggestions on the tone and clarity of your writing, to save you the headache of proofreading your work later on.

Try Grammarly and see the difference for yourself.

And don’t forget to tell me how it goes!


scouring = durchforsten, durchkämmen
pesky = lästig
handy-dandy = praktisch
oodles = Unmengen
to proofread = Korrektur lesen


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