Shopping Isn’t Always About Logic

Forget your list of pros and cons. Sometimes shopping is all about the heart! 

In fact, almost 2 out of 3 people prefer to buy things from companies that care about the same things they do.

That got me thinking about why I started living an organic lifestyle over 40 years ago. (That’s quite a while ago, isn’t it?)

I still remember being the very first person to buy vegetables from a friend’s grandmother’s garden, and dairy products from a nearby organic milk farm. Plus, I was one of the founding members of our local organic shop—a place that provided everything the garden couldn’t—bread, eggs, chocolate, fruit, nuts, muesli, legumes, toiletries and more.

Of course, I’ve heard the rumours about ‘fake organic’ products lurking on the shelves. But here’s the thing. Many organic brands go through strict certification processes to prove their authenticity. (Just look for the labels that say a product has met strict guidelines for being truly organic.)

So why did I choose this path?

Well, there are several reasons.

I believe it’s good for my family because it means fewer chemicals and additives in our food and personal care items. And, it’s good for the planet because it supports farming methods that protect the environment and treat animals well. 

After all, most of us make decisions based on how we feel, not just what makes sense on paper

PS: Do you like to support companies that share what you care about?


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