A loud Texan engineer was visiting Australia and talking about all of the large civil works in the USA that he was involved in. To be polite, an Australian colleague took him on a tour of Sydney’s larger constructions.

At first he showed him Gladesville Bridge. The Texan exclaimed, “What’s that!” In reply the Australian said, “That’s the Gladesville Bridge”. “Hmmph”, said the Texan. “How long and how many men did it take to build?” The Australian replied, “About 5 years with 1000 men.” The Texan replied, “Well in Texas we would’ve done it in 2 years with 500 men.”

Next they went to the Sydney Opera House. “What’s that”, said the Texan. “That’s the Sydney Opera House” came the reply. “Hmmph”, said the Texan, “How long and how many men did it take to build?” The Australian replied, “About 10 years with 200 men.” The Texan replied “Well in Texas we would’ve done it in 4 years with 200 men.”

By this stage the Australian was a little frustrated so he decided to get some revenge. They walked around the Sydney Opera House and as they did the Sydney Harbour Bridge came into view. Immediately the Texan exclaimed, “Wow! What’s that?” The Australian engineer replied, “I don’t know, it wasn’t there yesterday.”