Thanks God or Thank God?

You’ve just booked the all-inclusive holiday of your dreams. Amid the euphoria, you cheer, “Thanks God it worked!

But wait! Was that correct or was it an embarrassing mistake in your English? 

The English language can be tricky, even for native speakers. With its irregular verbs, prepositions in unexpected places, and expressions that sometimes defy logic. 

The correct phrase is ”Thank God”—an expression of gratitude often used to express relief or joy:

  1. Relief: When we feel relieved or thankful that something positive has happened, especially after a worrying or challenging situation. For example, “The test results came back negative. Thank God!”
  2. Joy: When expressing joy for something good that has occurred or acknowledging a positive outcome. For instance, “Thank God for the support of my friends during tough times.”

    Have you ever said “Thanks God” and not realised that it’s not fully correct?


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