The 14 commandments

We know that good customer service is important, don’t we? Of course, it can always be improved on. That’s why I like to read David Rodnitzky’s (he’s CEO and co-founder of 3Q Digital) 14 commandments through now and again. (I read about them in this article here).

  1. Be Proactive, Not Reactive
  2. Over-communicate
  3. Everyone is a Client
  4. Under-Promise, Over-Deliver
  5. Do More than the Bare Minimum
  6. Love the Client’s Business, and Demonstrate Your Love
  7. Make Face Time
  8. Act Like It’s Your Business
  9. Build Personal Relationships
  10. Be Honest
  11. Follow the Process
  12. Communicate Success
  13. Have a Point of View
  14. The Customer is Always Right, Unless He’s Wrong, and Then He Still May be Right

Aren’t they great? Let’s hope that more people take them to heart! We all love excellent customer service.

(Please note: “to take to heart” = “beherzigen)

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Written by Christine Burgmer

14. October 2015