The Art of Saying Goodbye

You’re at a networking event, chatting with someone, and then… well, silence.

How do you escape this situation? How can you leave without coming across as rude or leaving a lasting negative impression?

Don’t worry, I have a few tips for you!

  1. Thank the other person for their time. While this may seem obvious, this gesture is actually very powerful. It shows respect and appreciation for the other person and their time. Saying “Thank you for our inspiring conversation” is powerful. Expressing “I really appreciated your thoughts on this” can also have a strong impact.
  2. Then comes the transition. We all know those moments of silence when no one knows quite what to say next. Use phrases like “It’s been great chatting with you” or “I should get going.” These are perfect for putting an end to the conversation while still exuding friendliness.
  3. Offer to stay in touch. You can simply say, “Let’s connect on LinkedIn.” Or you might express real interest with, “I’d love to hear how your project is progressing.” By offering to keep the connection going, you show interest and openness for future discussions.
  4. And finally, say goodbye with a smile. This makes the other person feel good and cheers up their day. It doesn’t matter what kind of conversation you both had beforehand.

So, how do you go about it when it’s time to go? What do you say?


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