The DNA Journey

“Would you dare to question who you really are?”

That’s how this 5-minute video starts.

It ends with, “You have more in common with the world than you think”. 

Sixty-seven people talk about themselves and where they come from. They are then asked to take a saliva DNA test. Sixteen were chosen for the video.

The lesson we learn is that we have more things uniting us than dividing us.

I wonder how you’ll react to the film!


  1. Dear Christine, thank you! This is a pretty and interesting way to look at us. I personally favor to watch the journey of everyones soul through all incarnations (at least around 100). That is a daily gift and way to open my mind and heart why people seem to be so unique . Warm regards, Esther

    • Dear Esther, That sounds extremely interesting. I hope we’ll have time to talk about it.
      With my best wishes

  2. What an amazing story! It is so easy to think in groups – after this people should be much mor openminded!

    • Exactly, Christina. It was definitely an eye-opener for me. I like to think that I’m open-minded, but there are times when I realise I’m not! 🙁


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