The Proper Way to Serve Coffee

People often think of the UK as a nation of tea lovers, while Germany has always been a country of coffee drinkers. So should we be listening to a British person on how to serve coffee the proper way? You can decide.

In this very short video, British etiquette expert William Hanson shows us how to make the perfect cup of coffee and what we need to make it. (He talks about the ‘accoutrements’—the appliances or accessories.)

Learn what the difference is between a coffee and a tea cup, and what a demitasse cup is. And find out which type of sugar we should be using.

Do you grind coffee beans and use a cafetière or French press to make your coffee?

Or are you more of a tea drinker?



  1. Oh, what a beautiful episode!
    I love the video and I subscribed to his channel.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  2. You’re welcome, Sandra.
    I’m so pleased that you love William’s videos, too!

    Best wishes


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