3 More Words Germans Think Are English

I’ve already spoken about six English words that have made their way into the German language, but take on a completely different meaning.

Today I’d like to look at three more: messie, showmaster and city.

A desk or a room might be ‘messy’. Yes, even a person might be ‘messy’. But someone who can’t help but collect things is a ‘hoarder‘—perhaps even a ‘compulsive hoarder‘.

Germans call the famous Dutch entertainer Rudi Carrell a ‘Showmaster’. In English that would be a ‘presenter‘ or a ‘TV host‘.

A German ‘Talkmaster’ is a ‘talk show host’ and a German ‘Quizmaster’ is the ‘host of a quiz show’.

I’ve often heard people say they’re going into the ‘City’, meaning they’re going into the central district. In English we have towns (like Heinsberg, Gummersbach, Goslar) and cities (like Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg), and town and city ‘centres‘.

Yes, we native speakers of English who have been living in Germany for a long time will probably understand you (we might even be making the same mistakes!). But other native speakers might be confused.


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