Turning Tough Times into Triumph

Do you know the story about the donkey that turned a hopeless situation into a stepping stone to freedom? 


Then let me share an unforgettable tale of resilience and wit with you ..

The Donkey’s Fall

One day, a poor farmer’s donkey accidentally fell into an old, dried-up well. 

The donkey cried out loud. But the farmer and his neighbours couldn’t pull the poor animal out of the deep, dark shaft.

After a while, the farmer felt he had no choice. It broke his heart, but he decided it was time to let the donkey go.

Since they had been planning to fill up the old well anyway, they started shovelling dirt and debris into it, with the donkey still inside.

You can imagine how the donkey felt when it realised what was happening.

It cried even louder than before. But after some time, everything went quiet. The men kept shovelling, not saying much to each other.

A Surprising Discovery

Finally, curious and a bit scared, the farmer peeked into the well.

And guess what he saw?

Something amazing.

With each shovel of dirt that had landed on the donkey’s body, it had shaken it off, stomped it down, and slowly risen higher and higher.

Before long, the well was filled enough for the donkey to climb out of the hole on its own and run away.

The moral of the story

Sometimes, what seems like a huge disaster at first can turn out to be a big opportunity. 

It all depends on how you handle the dirt thrown your way.


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