PresentsMost of you know how long it takes to wrap up the presents for Christmas. And often unwrapping takes seconds. Here’s a little game to play to make unwrapping more fun. 🙂

Unwrap The Present Game

1. Wrap a present up in lots of layers of wrapping paper. The more layers you have, the longer the game will take.
2. Leave a small note on each layer, with a funny little message (e.g. “For the person who has the longest nose”, “For the person who is wearing the prettiest glasses” or “For the person who went to Scotland this year”).
3. The first player unwraps the first layer. He/she reads out the message and everyone in the group has to decide who the parcel is meant for.
4. The player who is given the parcel unwraps the next layer and reads out the next message. Again the group decides who gets the parcel.
5. The last player who unwraps the parcel keeps the present. (Of course, you can make sure that this present goes to a particular person!)

Is there anyone who doesn’t like unwrapping presents? Even animals in the zoos love it (link to:!