Using Up-to-Date Language in Emails

I still see a lot of old-fashioned expressions in emails.

What about you? Do you use modern language?

Old-Fashioned Expressions Modern-Day Alternatives
“Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern” Use the recipient’s name if known, or a more inclusive and informal greeting like “Hello” or “Hi [Name]”
“Yours faithfully” or “Yours truly” “Kind regards,” “Best regards,” or simply “Regards”
“I hereby enclose” or “Please find attached herewith” “I am enclosing …”, “I have attached  [document/file]”
“I beg to inform you” or “I would like to bring to your attention” “I want to let you know” or “I’d like to highlight”
“Per your request” or “As per our previous conversation” “As you requested” or “Following our previous conversation”
“In reference to the above” or “With regards to the aforementioned” “Regarding” or “About” followed by a brief summary or specific reference
“We hereby acknowledge receipt of” or “This is to inform you that” “We received” or “I want to let you know” followed by the relevant information

 Are there any other old-fashioned expressions that you would like to change?

Send me an email and I’ll see if I can help you.



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