What crazy English laws!

No smoking

It’s always good to know some surprising facts when starting a conversation with a customer or colleague! What about starting with something like the following next time?:

Did you know that it’s illegal to be drunk in a pub in England? And that it’s not allowed to drive cows through streets between 10 am and 7 pm?

You’ll find some other crazy English laws in The Telegraph’s informative slideshow. They should lead to some good discussions!




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  1. Sandra Dirks

    Good to know! We are going on holiday to Cornwall this year.

  2. Christine

    Great! And we’re going to East Sussex. 😉

  3. Klaus Heller

    There is often something crazy in the world. I´m back from vacations now.
    I´m interested in expierences of Cornwall. I never been in

  4. Christine

    Welcome back to Germany, Klaus. Cornwall is beautiful. Perhaps Sandra can tell us something about her holidays when she gets back.

  5. Klaus Heller

    That would be nice! And if someone is interested in experiences of Andalusien south spain, I could tell something, which areas and cities, villages etc are beautiful.

  6. Christine

    Good to know, Klaus. But first I will be exploring Vienna! 😉

  7. Sandra Dirks

    Ah, thanks for the link. I will go on with the ‘Reisetagebuch’in the next days.


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Written by Christine Burgmer

16. April 2014