Why Do We Travel?

There’s a saying that travel broadens the mind.

We gain a greater perspective on and knowledge about the world, other people, and ourselves when we travel to different places.

So do we travel to help make us into better people?

Well, that’s what The School of Life thinks, according to their video The Point of Travel on Youtube.

If you’ve never thought of travel helping you to grow into a better version of yourself, you might after having watched the short video.


  1. Dear Christine, I tried to convince my four children to trovelling – one Trip with each of them allone. Moritz wanted to go to Scotland, Erik hat a week of sailing around the isle of Elba, Anna was interested in Cuba, and Tobias took me on a tour through Australia. Travelling I told them has three advantages: you meet other people, their Country and their Culture. Doing so you see how people live their lifes elsewhere (which might indeed broaden your mind). And looking back to your own country (and your life there) you might get a clearer idea of what to like or what to change.
    My children have been travelling ever since … 😊
    And so do Gabi and I.

    • That’s wonderful, dear Ulli.
      We’ve done the same with our four children. One of our boys even spent two years living and working in Asia.
      Thank you for sharing and commenting on my post. I found it very interesting.


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