Why I Teach English the Way I Do: A Personal Journey

Today, I’ll share why conversations are my go-to teaching method.

It all goes back to my not-so-fluent days in French class.

Can you imagine this? Seven years of French at school, followed by two more years of French adventures at college. I was armed with textbooks, grammar rules and vocabulary lists, ready to conquer the language.

But guess what? When it came to actually speaking French, I found myself stuck.

I could conjugate verbs like a pro, and I knew my way around the tricky grammar. But when it came to having a real conversation—nada. My voice dried up. My mind went blank. The struggle was real.

That got me thinking: why was I unable to speak French after years of academic study?

The missing link, I realised, was the lack of conversational practice.

I could write essays, understand André Gide and Maupassant, analyse literature (which I actually loved). But throw me into a casual chat—and I was lost.

Fast forward to when I started helping business professionals with their English.

I made a promise to myself: no client of mine would face the same struggle I had with French. 

And that’s why I decided to teach English through conversations.

I want my clients to feel the language, not just memorise it. I want them to engage playfully, crack jokes and express themselves naturally. (Because learning should be an interactive and enjoyable experience!)

So, if you were wondering why I love talking and playful exchange in my English sessions, now you know. It’s my way of making sure you not only know the language but can hold a conversation like a pro.

Keep chatting, keep learning! (Because who says learning can’t be fun and communicative?)

Curious to see how it works?

Join me at one of my free Speed Networking sessions. I’d love to welcome you there.


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