Why learn English?

Learn English

I presume that you’re reading my tips, tricks and resources because you want to improve your English skills. However, if you’re a bit frustrated at the moment because you are not making enough progress, it might help you to understand the advantages of learning a foreign languages.

For example, it can help you improve your memory. Or it can help you to find new ways of seeing things. You might even become a better multi-tasker.

And who knows? Even if you don’t need English now, you might need it in the future! So keep on reading my posts … 😉



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  1. Klaus Heller

    Hello again,
    everything that´s written is true. I stay here over 35 years in our company. After 15 years suddenly the usage of English grows. So we implement English courses in our company. Today we have three courses: English, French and Spanish. I stopped my English and began Spanish until today.
    Today I use English constantly now in my daily correspondence. We have every 14 days three hours Spanish with 3 colleagues. Sometimes my brain feels totally full and it nerves. But on other days you are happy that you can connect with people in their language and it happens that it runs well. Okay, that´s enough for today!

  2. Christine

    Hello Klaus,

    I love hearing from you, and am very pleased to see that you are reading my posts.

    I can fully understand that your brain sometimes feels full. Learning a language has its ups and downs. But it’s worth it in the end. Isn’t it great when you can speak to other people in their own language?

    I’m going on a crash course in two weeks’ time. I’m starting to learn Dutch!

    Best wishes


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Written by Christine Burgmer

28. November 2017