Why Should We Pay Compliments—and How?

I will never forget a discussion I had with a client of mine several years ago. I asked him how often he complimented his staff. He looked surprised and replied, “Never!”

Perhaps giving compliments made him feel anxious?

Compliments are an easy way to make other people—and ourselves—feel better. They create positive energy. We help others to feel appreciated and noticed, but we also feel happier ourselves.

So how can we pay a sincere and thoughtful compliment that will bring a smile to someone’s face?

We can compliment an achievement:
I read your report. It was well-written and remarkably thorough. Congratulations.

We can compliment someone’s appearance:
I love your scarf. Those colours look amazing together.

We can compliment someone’s personality:
Your smile and enthusiasm are contagious. 

Let’s go and give someone a compliment today—and make them smile. It doesn’t cost a thing!


contagious = ansteckend


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