Your Elevator Pitch

Someone asks you what you do for a living. How do you reply?

Do you say, “I’m a … communication coach”?

According to international speaker and best-selling author Andy Bounds, this is not a good way to start a conversation.

Andy recommends that our introduction is intriguing—to capture the other person’s interest—and incomplete—so that they ask us for more!

He recommends we use a simple format:

1. ‘I’
2. a verb (‘help’, etc.)
3. what our clients are left with after they’ve worked with us.

So using the example above, you could say, “I help business owners communicate better with international colleagues and clients”. Or “I help people with difficult-to-explain products and services to explain them to a non-specialist audience“.

Hopefully your conversation partner will be interested, will want to know more and will then ask you “How do you do that?

And now you’ve got off to a good start and the communication can flow.

Imagine that I ask you what you do for a living. How could you reply?


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