30 Days Without Complaining

Could you go 30 days without complaining? To be honest, I’m not sure if I could. But I like the idea!

I read that whenever we’re complaining, it’s a signal that we’re managing our lives badly. We’re misdirecting our energy.

So perhaps a 30-day challenge could help get it out of our systems? It might be worth a try!

Michael Dawson, a writer in Australia, used an interesting technique. He kept an elastic band on his wrist, and every time he complained, he moved the band to the opposite wrist and started over again.

I like the idea!

You probably know we could ban the words have to from our vocabulary, and use get to instead. So instead of saying that we have to do certain jobs, we could say that we get to do them. That sounds so much more positive, doesn’t it?

And if we do find ourselves complaining, we just need to try adding a but to the rest of our sentence and say something positive.

For example, “I don’t like moving out of my comfort zone, but when I do, I’m very happy that I did so.”

It all just needs commitment and regular practice. And practice needs patience.

So what’s your experience with complaining—or not complaining?


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