What Is Reverse Mentoring?

A mentor is usually an experienced person who teaches or gives help and advice to a mentee. Someone who is less experienced. Often a younger person.

Reverse mentoring—also called “two-way mentoring”turns traditional mentoring on its head. Here junior members of staff help more senior members, for example with emerging technologies.

The idea is that employees can learn a great deal from each another, no matter where they are in a company’s hierarchy. 

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for individuals to exchange their skills, knowledge and expertise?

What do you think?


  1. Hi Christine!
    That‘s really a great idea and I do wish that a lot of people will join it to increase work with new ideas on the one hand and experience on the other.
    Have a nice day!

    • I’m pleased you like it too, Gabi. I was very impressed when I first heard about this!
      Enjoy your day, too. The sun is slowly finding its way through the mist.


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