60 Minutes, Endless Fun: Discover Cool New Skills!

Discover a whole new world in just 60 minutes a week! 🌟

Ready to explore fun new skills and hobbies?

  • Magic: Wow friends with cool magic tricks that are surprisingly easy to learn!
  • Flower Power: Create beautiful Japanese-style flower arrangements—no green fingers needed!
  • Juggle Like a Pro: Start juggling balls or try something daring like knives (with caution!)
  • Balloon Zoo: Learn to bend and twist balloons into amazing animals and objects!
  • Fancy Handwriting: Learn calligraphy and transform your scribbles into stunning scripts! 
  • Moonwalk Madness: Master the iconic moonwalk dance made famous by Michael Jackson!
  • Read Like a Speedster: Learn to read faster and understand more—perfect for busy bees!
  • Secret Flag Language: Learn flag semaphore to send cool messages without a sound!
  • Spice Up Your English: Join my weekly “Chilipepper Your English” group to tackle challenges, chat with others, and make your English sizzle! 🌶️

I’m curious, how many of these cool activities have you tried?

I’ve tried or do 5 of them —any guesses which ones? ️


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