Crafting Clear and Memorable Messages Using Plain and Positive Language

Have you ever read a document that left you feeling like you needed a PhD to understand it?

Or been in a conversation where the other person used so much jargon that you felt like you were listening to a totally different language?

It’s like scratching your head and twirling your hair at the same time—confusing and frustrating.

Communication is supposed to make our lives easier, not more difficult.

So why not keep it simple?

  • Use short, easy-to-understand sentences.
  • Skip the technical terms and jargon and use words that your audience will actually understand.
  • Focus on solutions and opportunities rather than on problems. (Instead of saying “Don’t forget to sign up,” say “Remember to sign up.”)
  • Use the active voice to make your message more direct and engaging.

Let’s make communication great again!

A reminder

    Speak in plain English, don’t be obscure,
    Choose simple words, that’s the cure.

    Skip the jargon, it’s just a mess,
    Use words that anyone can guess.

    When you’re positive, it shows you care,
    Negativity’s not welcome here.

    Use words that help, not bring us down,
    Spread kindness, it goes around.

    Let’s choose our words with care and grace,
    And make the world a better place.

    With kindness and compassion in our heart,
    We can make a brand-new start.

    And spread love and joy in every way,
    So why not start practising today?

    (Thank you ChatGPT for your support with the poem!)


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