The Power of Inclusive Language: Why Words Matter 2

I wrote about inclusive language two weeks ago.

The idea is to create a culture of respect and understanding where everyone feels included and valued.

How can we talk about gender justice, sexual diversity & women’s rights?

Here are some recommendations:


Terms to avoid Preferred terms
domestic servant domestic worker
child marriage, early marriage forced marriage
prostitute, prostitution, use of prostitutes, use of sex workers sex worker, sex work, women/people who sell sex (or sexual services), men/people who buy sex
spokesman spokesperson
poor women and girls women and girls living in poverty
workmen workers
manpower workforce, human effort
victim, victim of rape survivor of rape
LGBT, LGBTQIX, homosexuality, gay and lesbian (if used alone to refer to the whole LGBTQIA+ community) LGBTQIA+

You’ll find a lot more examples in Oxfam’s  92-page guide to inclusive language.


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