Crazy Euphemisms For Your Enjoyment

Playing around with, I asked it to come up with some creative euphemisms*.

Here are my favourites:

alarm clock = morning motivator
toilet = porcelain throne
television = idiot box
cell phone = hand brain
coffee = morning juice
police officer = boys in blue
bed = sleep station
makeup = face paint
traffic jam – car cuddle
shovelling snow – winter weightlifting
gym = sweat shop
housecleaning = dirt extraction
computer = plastic brain
high heels – foot killers

Do you have any to add?

*Euphemisms are words or phrases used instead of more direct or offensive ones. They’re often used to talk about uncomfortable topics like death, bodily functions or controversial subjects. 

Euphemisms can be a fun and creative way to refer to common things in an indirect or humorous way.



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