The Chain Method: A Simple Way to Stay Productive

Do you want to learn how to stay motivated and on track with your goals?

Try the Chain Method.

It’s a simple productivity technique that can help you achieve any goal, big or small.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a goal you want to achieve—for example, I want to learn five new English words a day.
  2. Set a realistic goal for the number of days that you want to complete the task—for example, I want to complete my goal of learning five new English words every day for 30 days.
  3. Mark off an X for each day that you complete the task—on a calendar or in a habit tracker notebook—promising yourself, I will mark off an X on my calendar every day that I learn five new English words.
  4. Don’t give up if you break the chain. Just start over again the next day.

The longer the chain of Xs, the more motivated you will be to keep going.

So, if you start the Chain Method on 1st September, and you mark off an X on your calendar every day that you learn five new English words, you will have a chain of 30 Xs by the end of the month.

This will be a visual representation of your progress, and it will help you stay motivated to continue learning new English words.

So what are you waiting for?

Try the Chain Method today and see how it can help you achieve your goals!

And don’t forget to tell me how it goes. I’d love to hear your stories.




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