Creating Real Value for Others

How can we create real value for others without spending a penny (or cent!)?

Of course, it’s not easy to offer better ideas, products and services, is it?

How can we take ordinary products or services and make them extraordinary?

One little idea can make a big difference.

Have you ever gone to a supermarket, asked a shop assistant for a certain product and been escorted to the correct shelf? (I could tell you which shops do that!)

Have you ever been asked at the supermarket checkout whether you’ve found everything you were looking for? (I have once!)

Does your postman or postwoman make sure that your post is safe, even when you’re not at home to accept it? (Ours does!)

Has a waiter ever said to you, “We are glad you came in today?”? (I’ve not experienced that yet!)

Have you ever ordered anything via eBay and received more than you expected? (This happened to me once—an extra present with a hand-written note!)

Does your bicycle repairman pick you up if your bicycle breaks down? (Ours does!)

Have you ever experienced any of the above?

Do you know of any people who create real value for others? If so, I’d love to hear about them.


  1. whenever,whatever I order from the British shop, they put something addional into the parcel, for example some sweets or natkins. I just had ‚TUNNOCK‘s ‚ TEA CAKES.

  2. Concerning my previous comment: Sorry, it were napkins!
    I wish you a wonderful, sunny rest of the day! Gabi

  3. What a great example, Gabi. Thank you for sharing it here. It’s a wonderful way to create real value for others.
    A lady told me the other day that she sends her participants sachets of espresso or caffeine-free drinks, mini Swiss chocolates and small biscuits before her training sessions, to get them into the right mood. I love it!


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