Working From Home

We are now seeing more and more workers collaborating across cities, countries and even multiple time zones. Can we make sure that all employees feel connected?

According to Mat Mullenweg, we can. 

Listen to Mat’s 5-minute TED Talk to learn why he thinks working from home is good for business. 

(You can watch with subtitles and even read the transcript if that’s easier for you.)

So what do you think about Mat Mullenweg’s idea?


  1. I fully agree that this will be our business future to connect employees worldwide

  2. Exactly, Gaby. I know that not all companies like the idea of their employees working from home. But if they want to be competitive in the future, I think they might have to change their ways!

  3. Gabi
    Though I‘ m retired for five years now I‘ like the idea of connected
    employees worlwide, that can also give opportunities for schools to get connected with schools and classrooms all over the world. I‘ll give that idea to one of my still working colleages.

  4. Great idea, Gabi!

  5. For a long time I have been practicing home office work and I can agree with what Mud says. We just have to be careful not to lose sight of the work-life-balance and still maintain our social contacts.

    • Oh yes, Ute, that is probably one of the most challenging aspects of working from home—how not to feel physically isolated and emotionally disconnected.


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