Do You Hoover or Do You Vacuum-Clean?

Do you ever catch yourself saying “hoover” when you actually mean to vacuum-clean? πŸ€”

Or reaching for ‘Domestos‘ instead of plain bleach?

It happens more than we realise!

Brands sneak into our everyday language, becoming part of our vocabulary.

You need a plaster? Do you ask for a Band-Aid?

Thirsty for a fizzy drink? You might merely ask for a Coke.

It’s interesting how brand names take over the actual product names without us noticing, isn’t it?

They’re everywhere!

So, while you’re ‘hoovering’ or grabbing ‘Domestos’, take a sec to think about the sneaky power of branding!

What other brand names have become part of your daily talk? πŸ˜„


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