Do You Know The Punctuation Marks?

Would you like to test yourself?

Take a look at these punctuation marks and see if you know what they’re called in English.

1. .
2. ,
3. :
4. ;
5. –
6. —
7. ( )
8. ‘
9. ” “
10. [ ]
11. ?
12. !
13. &
14. /
15. _
16. @

1. full stop or period
2. comma
3. colon
4. semicolon
5. hyphen
6. dash
7. brackets or parentheses
8. apostrophe
9. quotation marks
10. square brackets
11. question mark
12. exclamation mark or point
13. ampersand
14. slash
15. underscore
16. at sign

So how did you do?

PS The position of the quotation marks in English is different to German. Take a look here: “Quotation marks”.


  1. Thank you so much Christine for this little test…very useful, because you easily forget the names.
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. I’m pleased you liked it, Regina.
    Enjoy your day, too. See you at the next Speed Friending session.

  3. Dear Christine,
    thank you very much! I did‘nt
    remember all of it.
    In Number 10. you solved: square brackets but in the first test part I couldn‘t find them🤔
    Have a sunny day!
    Gabi Koe.

    • Dear Gabi,
      Thank you for commenting. The square brackets are Number 10. They look like this:
      [ ]
      Can you see them now?
      Enjoy your day, too.


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