The World’s First Library of Things

The world’s first library of things looks very much like the photo I’ve posted here.

The Share Shed, based in Devon (UK), has over 350 items that members can borrow, including: tools, household appliances, camping and gardening equipment, sewing machines, suitcases and much more.

Members pay an annual membership fee and can then borrow items for a reasonable sum of money (from £5 to £50).

It’s a great way for people to save money, space and resources, to reduce clutter, and to support a more collaborative and sustainable lifestyle.

I would have borrowed a suitcase for my return journey from Hamburg, because I came back with a suitcase, two rucksacks and holdall!

Is there anything you would borrow?


shed = Schuppen
clutter = Gerümpel, Krimskrams


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