Do You Know the Word Quest?

“In the word question, there is a beautiful word – quest. I love that word.”
Elie Weisel, Romanian-born American writer, professor and political activist

A quest is “a long search for something that is difficult to find or an attempt to achieve something difficult”, according to the Cambridge Dictionary. Or it’s “a journey made in search of something”, according to Merriam-Webster.

Some of the questions I ask in my “Colourful Conversations” group send participants on a quest or inner journey to find the answers. And discussing with others does not only increase conversational skills, it can also help us get a clearer perspective on what it is that we truly care about.

Questions like:
When was the last time you thought, “I really did that well?”
What new habits do I want to form and reinforce?
If you were to try something new and daring, what would it be?
Where do you feel most at home?

It’s amazing to see where the answers take us!






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