Don’t Break the Chain

Why do I send out my Sparks to you from Monday to Friday?

It’s because I believe, if you want to improve, you need to do something on a regular basis. You need to be consistent.

And my Sparks are there to remind you to do something in English every single day. That’s if you really want to grow your language skills.

What else can help us to stick to a routine? Especially if we’re finding it difficult to be consistent.

We can print out one of these free printable calendars. And every time we do something (write a few lines in our diary, for example), or we don’t do something (not had any sugar all day, for example), we place a big cross over the day we achieved what we wanted to achieve.

The idea is not to break the chain. Because we know that doing something consistently is more important than going all-out once a week or so.

As the saying goes, “Slowly but surely wins the race”.


  1. Thanks for your input!

    • You’re very welcome, Rita. And thank you for responding!


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