Don’t Be a Shrinking Violet*

Our fearless caller* rocked the dance floor with instructions in his second language (because square dance calls are universally in English).

Sure, his voice was a bit, well, unique, but guess what? He OWNED it. 

To sprinkle in some extra flair, he even started to sing. Now his singing voice wasn’t exactly the smoothest (we couldn’t help but crack a smile—and share some meaningful looks with fellow dancers). 

Sure, he wasn’t always crystal clear, but did that worry him? Not a bit. He confidently carried on with his job.

Now, here’s the takeaway: Don’t worry about what others think when you speak. You might have an accent, slip up now and then, or not always be understood right away. 

Big deal! If you stay silent, you won’t improve. 

So go out there and speak up! 💪

Embrace your unique voice, brush off the fear—and let the world hear what you’ve got to say. Your words are valuable, and the more you throw them out there, the better you’ll become.

It’s time to shatter those barriers and share your thoughts with the world! 🌍✨


* A shrinking violet is an exaggeratedly shy person.

* The caller is the person who tells dancers what steps to do next, like ‘swing your partner’ and ‘do-si-do.’


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