Have You Ever Been ‘Completely Carparked’?

Or ‘absolutely wallpapered’ after a night out? 

If you’re scratching your head, let me explain. 

Brits have this knack for turning practically any word into a synonym for ‘drunk’—just by adding an ‘-ed’ to the end of it. (British comedian, Michael McIntyre explains in detail!) 

Very much like the Sámi people of northern Europe who have 300 words for snow, Brits have 546 words dedicated to being ‘plastered’, ‘sloshed’, ‘hammered’… All words explaining they’ve had one too many.

This hilarious tradition isn’t a joke—it’s backed by a study from Prof. Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer, who spent a year delving into the British love for booze (and words describing it).

She found out that this quirk is uniquely British—you wouldn’t find it in Germany, for example. 

So, we’ve seen how many words end in ‘-ed’,  but there are also exceptions. These include ‘legless’, ‘tipsy’, ‘merry’, ‘woozy’, ‘squiffy’‘tight’ and many more.

And why are there so many ways to say ‘drunk’?

It lets Brits talk about their drinking adventures with a bit of fun, ignoring the not-so-great parts of drinking too much.

So, cheers to Brits enjoying a pint and their clever way with words!



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