€500 Wreck or €50,000 Dream? Knowing Your Worth

A father turns to his daughter, all smiles, and says, “You’ve done well in your exams! As a reward, I’ve got a car for you. It’s not new, though. I bought it ages ago. But before you take it, pop over to the used car dealer in town and see what they’d offer for it.”

So off she goes. When she returns, she says to her father, “They’d give me €500 for it. They said it’s a wreck.

Her father just nods and says, “All right. Now, take it to the pawn shop.

She does as he says and returns with a shrug. “They offered me €100. They said it’s too old.

“Hmm,” her father murmurs, “Now, why don’t you show it to the car club? Let’s see what they think.

With a wave, she heads off to the car club. And when she comes back? Her eyes are wide. “They offered me €50,000! They said it’s an old Porsche, a collector’s dream.

Her dad just smiles. “See, my dear,” he says, “don’t feel bad if people don’t see your worth. It just means you’re in the wrong place. The people who know your value? They’ll appreciate you.

So here’s the thing: Never sell yourself short. The right people will pay the right price. They’ll see your worth. You just need to find them.


to sell yourself short = sich unter Wert verkaufen


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