Master Everyday English: Ditch the Idioms

Forget idioms! You don’t need them to sound natural!

Why? Because idioms can be tricky, even for native speakers! They’re like secret codes, not everyone knows them.

For clear communication, use plain English! Simple words are powerful.

For example, take the saying “to get on like a house on fire.” Does it sound good or bad? It’s actually positive, but if you don’t know the idiom, it can be confusing!

So, how can you sound natural and confident?

  • Speak clearly and direct English.
  • Use interesting words, but avoid confusing expressions.
  • Practise and have fun with English. 

Sure, idioms can impress native speakers… if you use them perfectly! Getting them wrong can lead to confusion or even funny misunderstandings.

Focus on clear communication. Simple English is powerful English.

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