How to Improve Your English AND Keep Your Cool!

Feeling overwhelmed and ready to exploded? 

Here’s a helpful trick for improving your English and calming down!

It’s called the Unsent Letter technique. A technique even Abraham Lincoln used!

Write down everything that’s bothering you. Pour out all your thoughts and feelings onto paper or a computer screen.

Let your vocabulary grow as you describe your frustrations in detail, and add some humour or sarcasm if you like!

Here’s why the Unsent Letter is so powerful:

  • Freedom of Expression: You can say whatever you want without worrying about causing a conflict.
  • Improving Your English: Writing unsent letters is a great way to practise your English in a passionate and authentic way. Try using fancy words and different sentence structures!
  • Clarity: Putting your thoughts into words can help you understand your feelings and the situation better.
  • Relaxation: Expressing your frustrations can help you feel lighter and more relaxed, allowing you to tackle your day with a clear mind.

Ready to give it a go? 

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

  • What specifically is making you upset?
  • How are the actions of others affecting your emotions?
  • What do you really want to say to someone (even if you shouldn’t)?

Remember, these letters are never meant to be sent! 

Once you’ve written everything down, you can tear up the letter, recycle it or delete it. 

The goal is to release negative feelings and move forward feeling calmer and more in control.

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, grab a pen or open your computer and try writing an unsent letter. 

Are you wiling to give it a try?


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