Mix-Up Madness: Biannual vs. Biennial (Don’t Panic!)

Ever stumble over words that sound the same but mean totally different things?

Today’s tricky pair: biannual and biennial.  

Both start with “bi,” which means “two”—and that’s where things get a little crazy.

  • Biannual means “twice a year”. Imagine increasing your fees biannually—now how does that sound to you?

  • Biennial means “every two years”. The famous Venice Art Biennale is held biennially. So you have two years to save up for that gondola ride and that perfect artsy beret (optional, but highly recommended).

Confused? It happens to the best of us. 

So, why use big words that might leave people scratching their heads?  

Stick to “twice a year” or “every two years”, and everyone will understand perfectly.

 Clear communication is the way to go!

No more word mix-up madness!


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