Who’s Stealing Our Socks?

Today’s National Lost Sock Memorial Day!

Do you know where the other half of your favourite pair of socks might be?

We might never know why they disappear, but we can still celebrate their memory.

Here are some ideas:

  • Get creative. Use your mismatched socks for fun projects like making puppets or stress balls.
  • Give your socks a voice. Add googly eyes and share a picture on social media with #LostSockMemorialDay.
  • Wear mismatched socks. It’s a fun way to remember the missing ones. (This is my favourite!)
  • Have a treasure hunt. See if you can find some lost socks with your children or neighbours’ children.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, National Lost Sock Memorial Day reminds us that even small things deserve to be remembered.

Who knows, maybe someday the sock gnomes will return our lost treasures. 😂

PS: A tip from one of my sons … Buy several pairs of socks of the same style and colour to make sure you always have a matching pair, even if some get lost.

PPS:  What other cool things can we do with our odd socks?


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