Never Sound Like a Confused Parrot Again

Ever mumble a word that sounds like a confused parrot? Yes, we’ve all been there.

Last month, we conquered Worcestershire sauce. (If you’re still struggling with the word listen in here.)

But the pronunciation struggle is real.

Today’s weapon of choice? YouGlish.

Imagine scrolling through social media and seeing a meme about a “flamboyant flamingo.” (Flamingos are pretty fabulous, after all.)

But how do we say it? Enter YouGlish.

Simply type in “flamboyant” and poof! You’re whisked away to a land of real people using the word in real-life videos. No stuffy voiceovers. No awkward reenactments. Just authentic pronunciation magic.

YouGlish is a pronunciation buffet. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Hear it in action: Listen to native speakers from over 20 languages tackle those tricky words in different accents.
  • Phonetic breakdown: YouGlish deciphers the pronunciation code, showing you how to form those sounds.
  • Vocabulary booster: Need more than pronunciation? Click on a word for definitions and synonyms—a one-stop shop for word nerds.

The best part? YouGlish is free. No need to signup. Although, if you’re feeling fancy, creating an account unlocks even more features.

So, the next time you come across a word that has you tongue-tied, head over to YouGlish and become a pronunciation ninja.

P.S. Still not sure about Worcestershire sauce? YouGlish can help you avoid future disasters (and bewildered stares from your native speaker friends). Here’s how to say it like a pro.



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