How I Use Google to Help Me With Pronunciation

Need a little help with pronouncing a tricky English word?

I’ve got a simple trick to help you out—and it uses something you probably already have open most of the time: Google!

Here’s how I use Google to conquer those pronunciation challenges:

  1. Head over to 
  2. Type in “how to pronounce” or “how to say” and the word you want to hear pronounced.
  3. Choose British or American pronunciation (optional).
  4. Click on the little loudspeaker icon next to the word—and voilà! You’ll hear it pronounced loud and clear.

This is the magic step!

Google often uses high-quality audio samples to demonstrate pronunciation. Listen carefully and repeat if necessary.

So next time you’re stuck on a word, give this trick a try!

Google can help you with your pronunciation challenges


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