Nice To Meet You… or Is It?

Saying “Nice to meet you” the first time is a classic way to start a new relationship.

But what about the second, third or tenth time you see the same person? Should you keep saying “Nice to meet you”?

The answer is: NO!

Imagine saying “Nice to meet you” to your colleague every morning when you arrive at work. It would sound a bit strange, right? After all, you’ve already met them.

Instead, you should say Nice to see you (again). This phrase is perfect for repeated encounters, showing that you’re happy to see the person again. It conveys a degree of familiarity and appreciation.

So, next time you’re greeting someone, take a moment to think about whether you should say “Nice to meet you” or “Nice to see you.

Not sure? Play it safe and say “Nice to see you.

Here’s a little tip to help you remember:

  • Nice to meet you — the first time 👋
  • Nice to see you (again) — after that 😉

Now you can go forth and greet the world with confidence!

And share this post with your colleagues so they can learn the difference between “Nice to meet you” and “Nice to see you” too! 


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